TopGun® Investment Banking, Sales, Research, and Trading

We help our investment banking clients secure deals and win more trades. Brendan Wood Partners review thousands of transactions each year with the executives who chose the banks and the investors who buy securities. What matters is how well banks align the interests of both shareholders and issuers. This is TopGun® banking. TopGun® Sales, Trading and Research are critical to corporate and investor confidence in a bank’s ability to distribute and create a market for securities.

We help corporate clients select TopGun® bankers and advise our banking clients on how to meet the evolving standards of selectability.

More than 70,000 deal anatomies in our research base and 1000+ TopGun® Banking Offsites in 50+ World Locations attest to our partners’ expertise in helping bankers secure 1st place with their clients. Check out our track record here.