Brendan Wood International

Corporate Profile

Founded: 1970

Owned & Operated By:
Managing Partners & The Wood Family Trust

Brendan Wood International provides Independent Performance Intelligence to Directors & Officers Of Public Companies, Institutional, High Net Worth Investors and Banking Executives. The mission is to originate the most trusted capital markets intelligence and advice in the world.

Operations: Global

Intelligence Network:
Brendan Wood Partners maintain relationships with a global panel of professionals who invest over $60 trillion in equity holdings. BWI Partners exchange performance information and insights with its network daily. More than 2000 formal consultations are conducted per year.

Investment Intelligence:
BWI’s proprietary investigative intelligence reveals the oncoming strengths and weaknesses of 1400 big cap corporate investment targets, also proxy polls identifying managements above and sometimes below the shareholder confidence levels at which activism will succeed.

Brendan Wood’s objective real-time independent proxy data has resolved many activist campaigns, in the boardroom rather than a courtroom. BWI is not a proxy solicitor, takes no side in conflicts, rather presents the objective case for constructive resolution.

Investment Banking And Broker Dealer Intelligence:
BWI’s daily personal discussions with investors also focus on broker dealer services and planned commission allocations to dealers in return for the quality of their coverage of sectors and specific investment targets. BWI provides in-depth quality of service data to assist institutions allocate broker dealer commissions to best suit their investment process. Also, BWI customizes data to match a broker dealer’s coverage footprint. Dealers seeking optimal revenue per professional and efficient brand building have been clients since 1980.

Investment Banking Managements:
The emphasis in Brendan Wood investigations of banking relationships is predictive share of wallet versus coverage quality and selection metrics. BWI intel focuses on competitiveness of a bank’s brand, relevant impact of the bank’s research, sales & trading strategies on corporate issuers, and the quality of its bankers versus rivals. It also focuses on credit, past deal execution, distribution and problem solving capabilities, all of which are staple investment banking selection criteria. The firm’s bespoke approach includes a practical toolkit to draw out actionable data for investment banking management teams.

Brendan Wood has conducted 500+ TopGun banking off-sites in 50 cities. The firm has delivered over 60,000 investment banking deal anatomies (performance reviews) and coverage audits conducted by BWI Partners through consultations with investment banking clients.

TopGun Placement Services:
Individual executives and professionals who rank in the Top 2% of world performance are designated TopGuns, the true game changers in the capital markets. When a BWI client needs a game changer executive or professional, BWI is there to displace the need for a search by introducing a TopGun from amongst the best performers in the world.